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Birdwell Island comes to Jub Jubs. Plus special guests Mechanical Roots.

Birdwell Island is an Indie Folk band originating in Reno, Nevada. Hannah Etchison leads the band with smokey sleepy vocals, deep lyrics and a spacey baritone uke. James Sibaja creates the band’s signature island “pretty” sound with his airy guitar leads and keen ear for the group’s direction and tone. Cody Thomas keeps rhythm and groove with a gorgeous semi-hollow body. David Moncayo Sibaja is the band’s percussionist adding depth and timed drifting beats. Jen Vineyard is the band’s bassist and harmony vocalist, creating smooth dueling tones that stick to the brain. With over 80 years of combined experience, Birdwell Island (affectionately named as a nod to the Clifford children’s book series) aims to share their creative work and music with their children. They want to set an example of creativity and fun. Through documenting their melodies, the group aims to preserve these memories in time. Each member brings a dynamic piece to the band creating a sound to be remembered.

Instagram: @birdwell.island
Birdwell Island

Mechanical Roots is an Post-Alternative Rock band comprised of uniquely talented individuals from across the world: Kev O’Brien, Zach Gaston and Patricia Teles. Combined, they create the sound of Mechanical Roots, a band based in Los Angeles that is devoted to musical craftsmanship and bringing a unique cathartic performance to every audience. Their music is influenced by Post-Rock and Alternative Rock sounds with catchy, singable hooks in both the vocals and instrumentals. Mechanical Roots finds success in writing hard-rocking music while maintaining a sound that is listenable and enjoyable for any demographic.