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OGmusic & Kush Kingdom Presents:
The Henchlord 2020 Tour w/ Chucky Chuck, Stoner Jordan & DJ Menace Roddman, Stacc Styles, and more

02/07/20 | Jub Jub’s
71 S Wells Ave Reno, NV 89502
Doors 8 PM | $15 | 21+


🎫 $15 | GA TICKETS

For info & booking please visit

Sponsored by: Raw Papers, Squints Full Spectrum CDB Line (Squints from Disney classic The Sandlot), Suburban Noize Records, SRH, DGAF, Kush Kingdom, & OGmusic

Performances by:
• Chucky Chuck
• Stoner Jordan w/ DJ Menace Roddman
• Stacc Styles
And More

⚡️ Squints
“Squints” is a full spectrum CBD line brought to you by the one & only Chauncey Leopardi, also known as Squints from the Disney classic The Sandlot.
He also appeared in Disney’s Casper, The Big Green, & Logic’s new music video titled, “Homicide”.
The record features Eminem!
Here’s the link for that!

⚡️ RAW
In 2004, Kesselman made a $1 million investment to a supplier of natural, unprocessed and unbleached hemp fiber, which could be marketed as “vegan” papers.
The concept was successful and RAW became the first company to offer “vegan” papers.
In 2005, RAW started mass production.
RAW is currently among the most popular rolling papers.
Wiz Khalifa dedicated a song to the brand, titled “Raw.”Mary Schumacher of The Fresh Toast recommended RAW rolling papers to people who dislike tobacco.

⚡️ Suburban Noize Records
“Subnoize”, is an independent record label based in Burbank, California that specializes in punk rock and hip hop music.
The label was founded in 1997 by Kevin Zinger. Subnoize has signed artists such as Kottonmouth King’s, Madchild, Hed PE, Mickey Avalon, Authority Zero, Glasses Malone, Swollen Members, Potluck, Big B, Corporate Avenger, and many more.

⚡️ SRH
“SRH” is a clothing brand founded in San Diego in 1991 by Kevin Zinger and Ryan White, inspired by California subcultures, such as punk, hip-hop, skateboarding, motocross and surfing.
SRH is an acronym that stands for various phrases, including “Supporting Radical Habits” and “Stoners Reeking Havoc”.
SRH began as a production company in San Diego, California producing concerts in the 1990s featuring musical acts likes Sublime, Pennywise, Offspring and Blink-182.
While putting on events through SRH Productions, Kevin Zinger and Ryan White began to produce t-shirts and hats with their logo on them, which the bands they booked would wear.
At its peak, SRH Clothing was bringing in more than $16 million a year in revenue.

”DGAF” originated in the South Bay by Chucky Chuck and Gillies as a hip hop duo/clothing company.
DGAF has performed on dozens of stages nationwide and is still making noize to this day.

⚡️ Kush Kingdom
Cannabis/Clothing/Lifestyle company based out of California!

⚡️ OGmusic
“OGmusic” is a hip hop label owned by Stoner Jordan based out of Mesa, AZ.
The company was established 2013 in Mesa, AZ & since May of 2015 the label has maintained consistent branding nationwide.
Currently OG has hosted 14 tours with this tour being the 15th & there are many more plans set for OG in 2020.
Be sure you check out our signed artists Snakey McVay, Menace Roddman, DeadEye, Duin Pace, O’Connor, & C-Crime!

• Every act that does their job properly shall receive a performance opportunity at the 4th Annual Stoner Jordan Fest (#SJSO) in Lakeport, CA during the 420 holiday.
The Stoner Jordan Fest is an annual event where 100+ acts from all over the country come together to perform, network, & enjoy the 420 holiday. This year we are doing it Lakeside in Cali!!!!

• Check out Chucky Chuck’s new album,
Henchlord, available on all platforms

• Check out Stoner Jordan’s new album,
On A Rampage, available on all platforms

• Who is Stoner Jordan?
CEO of OGmusic and hip hop artist from Arizona, with roughly 16 years experience in the hip hop industry Stoner Jordan is most known for his creative marketing techniques, consistent touring, and his annual event called the “Stoner Jordan Fest”.

Stoner Jordan is currently focused on promoting his latest album release “On A Rampage”, available on all platforms.

OGmusic & SJ have big plans for 2020.
Aside from everything else they have set in stone, Stoner Jordan is also taking Strange Music’s Joey Cool on tour mid 2020.
You can expect another album release from SJ as well.
Be sure you don’t waste another minute & check him out live in a city near you!

📀 (Spotify) “On A Rampage” |

📀 (Apple) “On A Rampage” |

📀 (YouTube) “On A Rampage” |

📀 (Hardcopy) “On A Rampage” |

💿 (DatPiff) “Diss-Missile” | Free Download |

💿 (DatPiff) “Stoner Jordan World” | Free Download |





📲 Insta/Snap – StonerJordan423

{Official Website}

• 480K Youtube/Soundcloud streams
• 17K Facebook likes
• 5.6K Instagram followers
• 15 Tours

Stoner Jordan Is Available On All Platforms

• Who Is Stacc Styles?
Driven, passionate, and focused. Stacc Styles has been a performing artist since the age of 15. Like every truly original lyricist and song writer, Stacc pours every emotion and experience into his music.

Hard Hitting, fast paced, but clear and precise is the only way to describe Stacc’s performance and talent. Stacc has performed with Yelawolf, Rittz, Tech N9ne, Nas, Ice cube and many more.

Stacc is back working with long time co-writer and engineer Nathan Tyler (CCS Crew and A Fall To Break) and manager Andy Kane. Stacc is now preparing for his first Main Stream release Mr. Purple. Together the only path is forward and up.



📲 Snapchat – Staccstylesaz