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Tuesday, April 23rd

INTEGRITY, Funeral Chic and Fall Silent Rock the Jub Jub’s Bar Room!

Doors @ 8
Show @ 9

Integrity is a hardcore punk and heavy metal band originally from America founded in 1988 by vocalist, lyricist and visual artist, Dwid Hellion. Integrity relocated to Belgium since 2004.

The band has a rich history in underground hardcore and metal-related music, appearing on nearly fifty recordings since 1988 (including 12 full-length albums and several EP’s, reissues and compilation appearances); Integrity have had a strong live presence since their formation, having played hundreds of shows including numerous global festival appearances.

Their sound is known for a mix of hardcore punk and heavy metal with dark religious undertones, prominent use of lead guitars and solos, harsh vocals, occasional sampling and unusual influences such as industrial, noise and experimental music.

Lyrical themes include religion, the supernatural, art, philosophy, horror, as well as mental illness and the occult.

Funeral Chic
One listen to Funeral Chic’s Superstition is sufficient to conjure dystopia. At once I see post-apocalyptic scavengers and outlaws ravaging the wasteland or, perhaps, a sun-blotting horde approaching the crest of their home state’s Southern Appalachian Mountain Range. Their dark alchemy of crust punk and metal is the soundtrack to grave-robbing for beer money, a subterranean punk club in the world’s moldiest of crypts.

Though they hail from Charlotte, NC; there’s a distinctly frost bitten and urban feel to their pitch black hardcore. In the grand tradition of punks playing metal, there’s no chance of finding the midsection. The Venn diagram of extremity has been completely mangled and erased by the recent Prosthetic Records signees, joining an ever-expanding roster of fresh and exciting bands like Wristmeetrazor, Neckbeard Desthcamp, and the mighty Venom Prison.

Fall Silent
Fall Silent from Reno, Nevada formed in late 1994 for the sole purpose of writing and playing music. Plain and simple. They did not form to support any ideological movement, to make money, or to make friends. They started the band to make music with people who they felt close to, and to somehow make their lives and ideas immortal through the memories of the people who saw them play and heard their recordings.