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IT’S HERE!!! It’s finally over. If you missed trivia this week, but plan on coming to this one, DM me your choice for the throne and who you think will win the Iron Throne. If you win you get booze and a Ghost pop toy key chain. There will be a cash prize(!) Game of Thrones trivia night on 5/21 after the series finale! Buy-in is $3 per person and whichever team proves their worthiness (gets 1st place) gets all the golden dragons. Please limit your team to 4 members and invite all your nerdy friends to compete! I’m going to attempt to make mini pies in the shape of the sigils. And throughout the 6 week run of the final season we will be having a death pool for shots the next week. Come try your luck.

Grab your friends, come have a drink or five and show off that useless knowledge. Bar tabs for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, definitely candy, and whatever weird things I find around my house I don’t want.