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Friday, January 10th

Sucka Punch Rocks the Jub Jub’s Bar Room!

Doors @ 8
Show @ 9

Sucka Punch
Sucka Punch began in 1996 in a dump north of Reno, NV called “Stead.” Mike Young, Brian Daniels and Bun Chettaraj were in a punk ska band in 1991 called DEADFINGER when the rest of us were in flannel, listening to Nirvana and pretending we never really liked heavy metal. Pierre Marche moved to Reno in 1996 hooked up with the band,… who then decided a new name would complement the new line up. Horn players Cody Forcier and Chris Ferrari were recruited from the local university and the band was born.
SP released a 5 song EP, The Super Bun 6000 Prototype which included the songs “Extinguishing Each Other” and “Children of Gold” and two full length CD’s 1997’s The Proof is in the Punch, which included the songs “12 Steppers” and “Pocket change.” In 1999, Sucka Punch released what was probably their most popular album, Bustin Roids on Fishbowl Records/Santa Barbara. Bustin Roids contained SP favorites like “Bad Cop, No Donut” and “The Mighty Tightie Whities.”
SP caused quite a stir and found themselves sharing the stage with many of their punk rock heroes (they ain’t name dropping). SP also played a few stints on the Van’s Warped Tour (before said tour got all stupid and metal). SP spoke with a few labels that expressed interest in them based on the number of CDs which sold and charted on Soundscan, but for one reason or another, no deals ever materialized (except the one with Santa Barbara’s Fishbowl Records which was essentially a well-intentioned college kid with a trust fund and a love for punk rock).
SP songs were featured in T.V. commercials (yeah, no kidding…they made a whole zero $ for that waste of time) and on numerous compilations including one from Dill Records. Chris (a political science major) left the band to get Governor Guinn elected, Cody (a music major) went on to earn a Masters in Music Education. Without the horn players, Mike, Brian, Bun and Pierre wrote and released a self-titled record in 2004 which contained the songs “Macintosh and Mandarin” and “Two Miles.” The band went on their first hiatus in 2006, when Brian announced unexpectedly that he was moving to Oregon to be near his family. Mike, Pierre and Bun auditioned a few guitar players but it seemed impossible to replace Brian’s soul and feel. So…rather than half-ass it, the band was placed on hold.
Fortunately, in 2010, Sucka Punch was revived horns and all, with the return of Cody and the addition of guitarists Dave Masud and Chris Fox, who together were able to fill Brian’s size 11 shoes. Dave and Chris are both multi-instrumentalist studs who grew up listening to SP records and have the flavor down to a “T.” The new line-up released a 5 song EP entitled “The Second Coming” in March 2012. True to form, the new songs are short, snarky, a tad offensive, and sometimes tongue n cheek. It’s also the most polished of the SP recordings to date. Soon after the CD release however; SP went on hiatus until August 2012 to allow the members to tour with their other bands. All but two of the seven members play in actively touring bands, but they always return to their roots to write, record, laugh and play the music they’ve been championing for 16 years and counting! Watch for upcoming shows and go have some fun!